Dublin August 2018 horse show

Dublin Horse Show 2016 Starts Today

Dublin Horse Show is recognized worldwide as being one of the best of its kind in the world. Many of the best horses and riders in the world compete for the coveted prizes including the Nations Cup which is held on Friday.
If you are interested in showjumping, eventing and all things equestrian, Dublin is the place to be this week.

Tickets for the Horse Show Dublin 2016

As of now, there are still tickets available for the horse show at the RDS. This is one of the most popular sports events in the country and there is usually a scramble for tickets. There are various tickets ranging from Single Admission Tickets to Season Tickets at a variety of prices.
I see that Ticketmaster is still offering tickets. Check here if you are looking for a ticket but don’t delay as it is likely to be sold out soon. isclaimer: We have no connection to Ticketmaster and we don’t benefit in any way from mentioning them).

Accommodation near the RDSWhat’s on at The Dublin Horse Show 2016?

Wednesday 20th July: The Sport Ireland Classic, The Speed Stakes and other competitions in the main arena and numerous events for ponies, connemara ponies, draught horses etc.
Thursday 21st July: The Speed Derby, Serpentine Speed Stakes and The Anglesea Stakes in the main arena and numerous other competitions in tthe other rings
Friday 22nd July: The main event today is The Nations Cup in which the top countries’ teams compete against each other. This is one of the oldest competitions and the winners received the much sought after Aga Khan Trophy.
Saturday 23rd July: The big event is The Landrover Puissance which involves jumping as high as possible over a wall. This is one of the most popular and exciting events of the Horse Show.
Sunday 24th July: The International Grand Prix of Ireland is the big event on the final day of the horse show.
As well as the main events, throughout each day, there are numerous side shows for various classes and breeds of horse and pony and for various classes and ages of riders.
Each day there are other events including magic shows, a circus and lots of entertainment, fun and music for all the family – a great day out for all

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