EPIC Ireland at CHQ building Dublin

Dublin’s Latest Attraction – Epic Ireland

Grace Kelly Epic Ireland

What is Epic Ireland?

EPIC Ireland at CHQ building Dublin is a fabulous interactive experience which exhibits the worldwide journey of the Irish people (often referred to as The Irish Diaspora).
This ‘awe-inspiring, up-lifting and thought-provoking experience’ captures the journey of Irish men and women who left Ireland and became leading ‘influencers’ in communities throughout the world. Among the 20 interactive galleries you will meet well-known Irish emigrants including Grace Kelly and Henry McCarty (Billy The Kid) as well as many more important but not so well known emigrants. You get a feel for the reasons for emigration in the past and today.

Epic Ireland at chq building Dublin is the brainchild of by Neville Isdell, a native of County Down who was Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company from 2004 to 2009.
See more at EPIC Ireland website.
There is an interesting interview with Neville Isdell about EPIC Ireland on the ITIC website here.

Where is Epic Ireland at chq building Dublin located?

Epic Ireland is located in the CHQ Building in Dublin’s Custom House Quarter, about 10 minutes walk from O’Connell Street.

Epic Ireland at chq building Dublin
The chq building is worth a visit in itself as it houses shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and a weekly market as well as exhibitions and events.
Chq it out at http://chq.ie!

From 16th May to 4th June “ON LEAVING” Exhibition by David Monahan is on there. This project, including a book, is about contemporary emigration.

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