family pet expo dublin 2015

Ireland’s Family Pet Expo 2015 at RDS

family pet expo 2015 dublin

If you are a lover of animals, and a weekend spent hanging out with them sounds like your idea of heaven, then you should get yourself a ticket to Ireland’s Family Pet Expo 2015, hosted in the RDS over Saturday November 7 and Sunday November 8.

dog at pet expoDogs, Cats, Reptiles & Birds

Whether it’s dogs, cats, reptiles or birds that take your fancy, there truly is something for everyone at this event. Dogs Aid, Blue Cross, Donkey Sanctuary, Leinster Horse and Pony Rescue, Last Hope Animal Charity, Leinster Animal Rescue, Therapy Dogs, WSPCA, DSPCA and My Lovely Horse Rescue will all have stands at the event, so visitors will have the chance to donate to some very deserving charities while also getting their animal fix.

Dog Lovers’ Heaven

Dog lovers in particular will have lots to see and do at the event. There will be a Dog Breed Village, where you can get first hand expert information and advice from breeders of 39 popular dog breeds (accompanied of course by their beloved charges). There will also be a Fun Dog Show at 2 o’clock each day. To take part, simply register at the Dogs Aid stand. In the Dog Activity Ring, you can watch some talented dogs doing heelwork to music, as well as taking part in agility and obedience displays and some fun games of flyball. You can also view grooming demonstrations, talk to pet behaviorists and trainers such as King of Paws, and research the possibilities of dog adoption.

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cat at pet expoFabulous Breeds of Cats

Cat lovers will also have the chance to see some beautiful breeds such as Siamese, Ragdoll and Burmese, along with some exotic non-pedigrees from Thailand. If you are interested in researching a particular cat breed, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Ireland will be in attendance to give you all the information you need. They’re affiliated with the Siamese and All Breeds Cat Club of Ireland, Midland Cat Club of Ireland and Cork Cat Club, so they can put you in touch with all the people they may think you should speak to.

parrot at pet expoExotic Birds

In the World of Birds section, you will have the opportunity to look at some impressive hand reared birds on show, such as Blue & Gold Macaws and African Greys, along with many others. The biggest bird of prey centre in the country, Eagles Flying, will also be in attendance with a Bald Headed Eagle, Steppe Eagle and an Eagle Owl.

Snakes and Lizards

The World of Reptiles section is, in my own opinion, particularly interesting. Here, you can either handle snakes in the demonstration area, finding out if your idea of what they feel like matches up to the reality, or simply observe in the walk-through tropical enclosure. With more than two decades of working with reptiles under his belt, the curator of this section, James Hennessy, is a fountain of knowledge on reptiles so feel free to pick his brains on any questions you have about these fascinating creatures. There are probably very few questions he can’t answer. He will closely supervise all interactions with these creatures and you will only be allowed to handle safe, vetted individuals.

Tickets Family Pet Expo 2015

Day tickets can be purchased at the door for €10, and well behaved dogs are welcome to enter for free, so long as their owners clean up after them!

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