beat hotel price rises

Shortage of Hotel Beds Causing Price Rise

beat the hotel price rises

Occupancy in Dublin hotels reached their highest level ever in September at 93.6%. This is higher than most capitals in Europe and it highlights the shortage of hotel beds available in the city.

The consequence of the shortage is that prices are rising which is bad news for the customer. There are various statistics available from different sources, but all agree that prices have increased substantially in the past year.
According to data analytics specialist STR, the average daily rate of a hotel room in Dublin has increased by 19.3% between July 2015 and July 2016. If this is added to the previous year’s increase the total increase is close to 50%.

How to Beat The Hotel Price Rises

No matter what you do, hotel price rises are going to affect your spend to some extent. However, wise planning can still help you to beat the hotel price rises. Planning ahead, avoiding times and areas where big events are happening, staying farther from the city centre and other measures can reduce your costs.
Have a look at this post, ‘How to Pay Less For Your Dublin Hotel Accommodation’. Many of the tips there are still relevant.
There are still very substantial reductions to be found on Dublin, especially when searching for dates a few weeks ahead.

New Hotels to Satisfy Demand?

new hotel Dublin Airport
The new hotel planned for Dublin Airport

One of the ways to address the shortage is to provide more hotel beds. There are rumours of a number of new Dublin hotels in the pipeline but, understandibly, developers are a little nervous of investing in large building projects while the memory of the last economic crash is still fresh.
The only definite project is the proposed hotel near Dublin Airport which has been announced by the DAA.. The 400 bed hotel will be located about 100 metres from Terminal 2 and is expected to open in 2019. This may ease the shortage somewhat but if demand increases at the current rate, more capacity will be needed.

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